Silk Comforter Shopping Guide

Thanks for coming to,  you're sold on the idea of a silk comforter, but have no idea how or where to buy one? Although they are becoming more and more mainstream, it can still be a challenge to find one in your local shop. There are many online merchants out there selling a wide variety of silk comforters - how do you choose the right comforter for you, and the right merchant to buy it from?

First, be sure you know what exactly it is you want to buy. There are many meanings for "silk comforter" - silk-filled, silk-covered, or both.

We strongly recommend 100% silk comforters - with both an outer shell of silk, and inner silk floss filling. Although cotton outer shells are more affordable, cotton does not have the same temperature-adjusting and hypoallergenic properties as silk, so you would be losing those benefits. We also recommend a natural colored comforter - you should almost certainly keep the comforter covered and away from direct contact with your skin, so its color should not matter much.

What weight should you buy? This depends a lot on your own personal sleeping style and your climate. Unfortunately, there are not yet any industry standards with regards to silk thickness and insulating properties. And to make matters more confusing, some merchants quote fill-weights (the weight of the silk floss filling), whereas others quote the full weight of the comforter. One merchant's "winter" comforter will be another merchant's "autumn." As a rule of thumb, get a one-and-a-half pound fill-weight comforter for nighttime temps around 68F or above, and add 1.5 pounds for every 3 degrees below 68. Adjust these according to how easily you get cold. See the chart below:

  • Organic Cotton Cover Silk Comforter 
 Silk Comforter Size   All Seasons   5℃-25℃  Summer   25℃-30℃  Winter  -10℃-5℃
 Twin 68"*86"    Twin Silk Comforter For All Seasons   Twin Silk Comforter For Summer   Twin Silk Comforter For Winter 
 Queen 86"*86"   Queen Silk Comforter For All Seasons    Queen Silk Comforter For Summer   Queen Silk Comforter For Winter 
 King 102"*94"   King Silk Comforter For All Seasons   King Silk Comforter For Summer   King Silk Comforter For Winter 

Keep in mind when you receive your comforter, silk duvets are much thinner than down duvets of equivalent warmth.

It can be difficult but not impossible to buy something like a silk comforter without seeing or feeling it. General guidelines for online shopping apply. First and foremost, make sure the merchant has a reasonable return policy, a satisfaction guarantee, a product warranty, and proof of security and authenticity. Look for well-established shops, ones with a professional and fresh style to their website - they have invested the time and effort to make their storefronts appealing, so they are more likely to treat you well should there be any snags. If possible, read reviews by other customers. We have found that small specialty shops that specialize in silk products are a better value than the big mass-merchants. These boutiques tend to have higher-quality merchandise that's built to last. Finally, does the merchant provide detailed photos of the product? If not, be wary.