About Us

DoingSilk.com is a web store that sell the handmade silk comforter online. As the owner of this store, I  have been worked in textile industry for 8 years, and I like the silk comforter that has been used in China for thousand years because it has many advantages. And now I want to introduce the prefect product to all over the world. 

Of course we only sell silk comforters, and all the silk comforters are handmade, use the A grade silk floss, and organic cotton as cover (shell). Customers can choose different weights according to different seasons (indoor temperature). Of course, we offer the different size, you can choose king size silk comforter 102"*94", queen size  silk comforter 86"*86", and twin size silk comforter 68"*86". We promise that all the silk comforters are made by A grade silk and organic cotton, that's good for your health.

Contact us anytime and free if you have any questions about the silk comforters. You are welcome! Email to: 53613386@qq.com